standard From Bar to Facebook in the Blink of an Eye

SwankLife.comWhen it comes to dating and social media, it behooves you to consider your Facebook profile as one large personal ad because, essentially, that’s what it is. While the neanderthals among us still ask for a phone number – kidding, a phone number is still part of the process – the painfully hip know that the girl you just spent ten minutes dallying with over a drink at the bar is going home to look you up on Facebook, and, why not, you’ll do the same to her?

Nothing wrong it. It’s the new mating ritual in Web 2.0, the Social Media Era. But can your profile stand the scrutiny? She’s going to peruse your photos, read a few status updates, and make her decision over whether to call you or throw you number away. That’s right, bub, Facebook ain’t just for potential employers and jealous ex’s anymore. The success of your dating life depends on it.

Let’s talk about pictures. If most of yours show you sprawled across the couch with a growing beer gut, Cheeto dust encrusted television remote dangling from your fingers, and line of drool delicately spanning the distance from your lower lip to the empty Budweiser can on its side on the floor, expect that potential dates to be unimpressed. What you need are pics of your well-rounded life, even if it’s mostly fabricated. C’mon! That’s what Photoshop is for. Kidding…maybe. Just know that her decisions – maybe si, maybe no – could be determined, in a large part, on the interests and photos included in your Facebook profile. Our advice: polish it ’til it shines.

The relationship status is another biggie. If you’re not married, why one earth would you ever consider showing this? Is there anything more lame than the “in a relationship/not in a relationship” merry-go-round that some Facebookers succumb to? If you’re a serial dater, don’t keep changing your relationship status. It makes you look like a drama addict, and that’s not usually a good thing.

And keep in mind that social media is supposed to be an aid to dating, not the whole enchilada. Don’t forget to mix in a little real world interaction now and then.

The Swank Life Team

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