standard Famous (and soon to be) Calendars

There’s something about a calendar that speaks to humanity’s inner clock. We each have been granted only a short

time on earth and – before you know it – another year is gone and we’re one step closer to finding out where it is we go (or don’t) when it’s all said and done. Now there are calendars and then there are CALENDARS. At the Swank Life offices, we recently stopped to ponder our favorites. Why now? We’ll tell you about it later.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Okay, it's not really a calendar but rather an entire issue devoted to ever-smaller swimsuits, but no list like this can ignore the impact SI has had on the pop culture/calendar scene. Back in 1964, some brainiac at the sports magazine decided they needed something with a little sex appeal to fill the long and lonely sports lull in the month of February. Why not hire a bunch of supermodels, stick ‘em in bikinis, fly ‘em to an exotic tropical locale and take pictures? Why not indeed. They’ve been doing it on annual basis since 1964 and the popularity is unquestioned.

The Pirelli Calendar: There must have been something in the water back in 1964 because that was also the year the respected UK tire manufacturer Pirelli released its own calendar featuring glamour photographs of scantily clad young women. The twist Pirelli put on the idea was that the calendars were limited in availability and given only to important customers and celebrity VIPs. You can probably guess what limited supply creates. Increased demand! Pirelli quit printing the calendar in 1974 but resumed the practice ten years later to global sighs of masculine relief.

The Mayan Calendar: Carved into rock and extremely limited in supply, this particular calendar has lost some lustre since the world didn’t end on schedule last December. Notable for a lack of bikini clad babes, the Mayan Calendar makes up for it with a few thousand years of history behind it.

The Swank Life Calendar: At this point, we’d like to introduce to our readers the reason we were pondering calendars in the first place. Jake Swank and the Swank Life team would like to announce the imminent arrival of the inaugural Swank Life Calendar 2013. Yep, we hired our own beautiful women and took pictures. Stay tuned to the blog for information for where you can get yours.

The Jake Swank Team