standard Don’t Bother Trying To Be Mr. Perfect

If your obsessive pursuit of perfection is turning you into a psychopath, here’s some good news: There’s no need to bother. Women don’t expect to find Mr. Perfect anyway. They’re happy to settle for Mr. Good Enough. A recent study of 2,000 women found that the majority of women (75%) rate their partners to be about 69% perfect. By our math, that’s a long ways from perfect, and we’re pretty sure we just heard a collective sigh of relief emanating from all points around the globe.

As an ode to unreality, a full quarter of women surveyed apparently still believe they will find Mr. Perfect if they keep looking. The interesting aspect of this eternal search for the flawless man is to look at the most commonly listed faults:

  • Leaving the bathroom door open
  • Watching too much sports
  • Insufficient personal grooming
  • Snoring
  • Insulting her driving
  • Not bonding immediately and deeply with her family

Many women are also of the opinion that their significant other doesn’t listen to them. What’d you say, honey? I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening. If the idea of trying to purge any of the previously listed characteristics seems a ludicrous undertaking, keep in mind that 35% of the women questioned said that personality is the most important quality a guy can have. What we interpret this to mean is that you can leave the toilet seat up, burp loudly at dinner, wear your underwear entirely too many days in a row, and watch every single minute of March Madness.

Make her laugh and all is forgiven.

If you’re interested in seeing the Top 20 Imperfections In Men, here’s the entire list from the Remington study as published in the Daily Telegraph.

  1. Not getting along with her family
  2. Using her toothbrush
  3. Leaving the toilet dirty
  4. Hating her friends
  5. Not being good enough with children
  6. Having a big, bushy beard that you never shave
  7. Leaving nail clippings out
  8. Driving like a racer
  9. Being grumpy
  10. Being a momma’s boy
  11. Using the toilet with the door open
  12. Leaving dirty clothes on the floor
  13. Unkempt facial hair
  14. Criticizing her driving
  15. Burping or farting
  16. Not liking dogs
  17. Not helping with dishes
  18. Watching too many sports programs
  19. Not helping with the cooking

If, by this point, you’re still clinging to that silly idea of perfection, take a look at that list and get busy. You’ve probably got some serious work ahead of you.

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