standard Don’t Be Mr. Insecurity – It’s Chick Repellent

3175420_bbddfc0f99Insecurity is so…icky. It’s the one thing that will likely get you dumped faster than sneezing, burping, and farting all at once during Sunday morning church service. We’re serious. Swankiness and insecurity are polar opposites of the character trait spectrum. So what exactly does it mean to be insecure?

One dictionary defines insecure as “a person not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.” Well, we’re all uncertain or anxious at some point in our lives but we try to control it. Others give in to the madness and end up exhibiting one or more of the following insecurities like a full-blown disease.

Marking Territory

We’ve all seen this dude. The moment another guy looks in the direction of his girlfriend for even the slightest moment in time, he’s all over her like a cheap suit, holding her tightly and suddenly, laughably turns into Mr. Openly Overly Affectionate. Think she doesn’t see this for what it is? Wrong!

The Paranoiac

This guy keeps a sharp eye peeled for any change in his GF’s Facebook friend count and lord have mercy if he notices a new guy following her. Predictably, he comes unhinged and delivers a third degree rant. Also predictably, the new guy turns out to be her long lost nephew. Oops. There aren’t enough sorries’ in the world to make up for jumping to that type of errant conclusion.

The Tale of the Tape

Ever been around one of those guys who can’t shut up about whom he’s slept with, is going to sleep with, and how awesomely hot every woman in town thinks he is? Is this how confident men act? Err, no. This is insecurity defined and, trust us, you’re not fooling anyone.

‘Fraidy Cat
Insecure guys make it a point to denigrate the goals and dreams of their significant other. Why? Because it intimidates the heck out them. They think the success of others makes them look like less of a man. We hope you immediately see how perverse a point of view this is.

If you think you might be more insecure than swanky, the best advice Jake Swank can offer is to forget about dating until you grow up a little. Don’t make someone else miserable while you’re trying to figure out why all that weird stuff is in your head. There’s a cure for what ails you and it’s called counseling. (Top image: Flickr | plong)

Good luck!

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