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3223181642_89033c409fUgh, sometimes it just seems like too much work to look like a clothes horse. You’ve got to take time from your busy day to hit the shopping district or your favorite outlet mall, agonize over styles and colors and wonder whether they actually match or was the sales girl too polite to mention that it looked like a llama threw up on you.

The truth is Jake Swank likes nice-looking clothes as much as the next guy, but he has better ways to spend his time than wandering the aisles of the local Barbour store. What if we told you that for quite a reasonable price you could hire a highly-trained fashionista or fashioneer to select a cutting edge wardrobe and mail it for you to try out in the comfort of your own home? If you like the stuff, keep it. If not, send it back at no cost.

Sound like a dream?

This dream has become reality as a handful of websites have sprung up that offer the shopping service just described. Hand-selected premium clothes shipped to your front door! What could be better? Ever since the first cave girl dragged the first cave man down to a dead animal pile to select loincloths, men have been trying to avoid clothes shopping. It’s taken about 10,000 years, but we males of the species now have a way to look fabulous without exerting any more effort than what it takes to complete a style survey and pull out the credit card.

Websites like are zooming up the popularity charts (okay, there’s no such thing, we realize, but just go along, okay?) by giving men what they want – a cutting edge fashion sense without the work. It’s a simple process. Using as an example, all you have to do is sign up and fill out a survey that allows them to match you with a stylist that fits your vision. Your stylist chooses a wardrobe from high-end stores like Ben Sherman, Gant, and Eton. No worries for you. Just rip open your package and put ‘em on.

The moment he heard about this new service, Jake Swank said very clearly, “Well, that’s a good idea. What took them so damn long?” The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what was going on before. Right now, they’re shipping out the kind of clothes you always wish you had the patience to shop for. (Image: Flickr | conorwithonen)

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