standard Do YOU Have A Routine Stack?

SwankLife.comThe concept of a “routine stack” when it comes to dating seems so contrived as to almost be offensive to any guy who looks at the opposite sex as something more than another notch on the bedpost. The Pick Up Artist dictionary defines a routine stack as:

“The combination of routines that can be used interchangeably and stacked together during interaction.”

Okay…what does that really mean? The interesting thing is that stand up comedians have been using this idea forever. They open with a joke and then, throughout the performance, continue to come back to it with other references. What they’re doing is riffing off something they’ve already implanted in the audience’s mind.

Like it or not, unless you’re one of the VERY few natural conversationalists who can dive into any interaction with a girl and sweep her off her feet, you need to work on some routines. The number one fear of dating for many guys is approach anxiety and how to get rid of it. Here’s how. Have a script of small routines, (conversational topics) that you can switch around as needed. As we already said, the idea of a routine stack might seem odious but it’s better than standing there mumbling random incoherencies in her ear. What a routine stack does is automate the procedure in the beginning and, believe us, we’ve seen enough guys bomb that we can say without equivocation – there’s a very good chance you NEED to start stacking.

For dudes with only beginner or intermediate levels of dating experience, the stack is the same as preparing to deliver a big speech. You wouldn’t do that without having some idea of what you’re going to say, right? So don’t be turned off to the idea of planning your conversation out beforehand. Of course, you can’t turn a deaf ear to what the woman is saying. That’s why they have to be interchangeable. Depending upon where the conversation drifts, though, you should have a stack that would be perfect.

Remember, Stammering or gulping down copious amounts of beer just to keep your mouth occupied so it won’t embarrass you is not the way to impress. Never being at a loss for words and always having interesting conversational topics is! So develop a routine stack and use it. Jake Swank does.

The Swank Life Team


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