standard Dating – Get Your Life Together First

Pardon our bluntness, but how do you expect to begin dating beautiful women without putting some effort into making yourself as appealing as possible? This is a tough concept for some guys to wrap their mind around. After all, shouldn’t the most desirable females be falling over themselves to get to you just on the sheer magnetic qualities of your personality? If only it were so easy in real life.

Look at it from her perspective. While we’re not silly enough to say it’s all about the money, let there be no doubt that without finance, the chances for romance are greatly diminished. Nice, attractive women are likely to not be overly impressed that you’re 39 years old, living with your parents, still trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up. Consider this. Dating is something that affects your entire lifestyle, so you absolutely have to get your stuff together in an impressive manner to draw any meaningful attention.

Does this mean you need to be a celebrity attorney or millionaire entrepreneur? Absolutely not! While either of those would be impressive on your resume, most women realize that not every guy hanging out in a bar is Mark Zuckerberg. What exactly are we talking about here?

You need to be happy and successful in your career. This is non-negotiable if you want to escort a beautiful woman out for a Saturday night. Busting your butt at the McDonald’s drive-through window and whining about working weekends isn’t going to cut it. Once again, this is not to say you need hundred dollar bills falling out of your pocket, but you should have a plan and be well on the way toward achieving it.

If you don’t want the perfect girl to be a stranger to you, don’t be a stranger to working out. No need to develop a freakish devotion to pumping iron hours every day, but at least stay active enough to show you care enough about your appearance and health to look your best. Though Matthew McConaughey washboard abs aren’t a prerequisite, a pearish physique is a definite no-no. Do you really think hot women want to date a slob? Here’s a newsflash – mostly, they don’t.

Financial Security
As we’ve already mentioned, the cold, hard truth is that any woman worth having is looking for some sort of financial stability in a potential mate. Notice we didn’t say filthy lucre. Just some sort of stability. If you don’t

have that, you’re probably already painfully aware of the fact. Don’t sit around and whine. Do something about it.

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