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Age and YouthLet’s get one thing out of the way first. An older man dating a younger woman, say 20-25 years his junior, does not automatically make him a creeper or a pervert. Contrary to what conventional wisdom might think at first blush, there are legitimate reasons that mutually beneficial romantic relationships can and do work, even if the guy is over 35 and the girl just got her drinking license.

Here are three reasons Jake Swank says don’t be shy about throwing off the constraints of conventional wisdom (it’s not always about gold diggers and sex) and do what you want.

Younger Women are Happy, Happy, Happy

Let’s face it. Life can be brutal for men and women. It’s hard not to get jaded in the process: unfulfilling jobs, annoying bosses, health issues, financial stress, kids’ running wild. It’s a wonder any of us retain our sanity past much past 30 years of age. Now think of a college girl. They tend to be more honest and happy and the stress lines have yet to set permanently in their faces. To them, the world is still full of possibilities. Is it any wonder older men aren’t attracted to these qualities?

Unequal Maturity Rate

There’s not much doubt that girls mature faster than guys. Some guys never mature at all. It’s also no wonder that young women quickly grow tired of the dudes their own age who are still obsessed with bodily functions (i.e. flatulence), can read a box score at a glance but couldn’t balance a checkbook if their life depended on it. Now take a 40-year old guy and a 20-year old girl and put them together; their maturity level is about even. Viewed differently, an older woman is much less likely to put up with your immature crap than a younger one.

Be Smart (relatively speaking)

Even if he’s not paying close attention, by the time a guy hits forty years of age he knows some things. Interest rates, insurance premiums, and how to unhook a bra with one hand are no longer unfathomable mysteries. This is not to say that young girls are dumb. Just inexperienced. Take advantage of this mis-match while you can, because they’re going to wise up fast.

Keep in mind that there’s an age difference and then there’s AGE DIFFERENCE. Twenty years isn’t all that shocking, but if you’re a geezer in his 70s still hanging out at college freshman orientation sessions, you better be loaded – with wealth, that is. And it might not hurt to keep in mind the “half your age plus seven” rule. It’s simple. Take half of your present age and add seven years. The result yields the lowest age you should be dating. Try it. While not the end-all to relationship guidance, the thing seems pretty darn commonsensical. Here’s an example. Let’s say Jake Swank is 25 and wants to know how low he can go. Half of 25 is 12.5. Add 7 and you’ve got 19.5.

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