standard Consider Your Curses Carefully

SwankLife.comSwearing makes you cool, confident, hip, and urbane, right? Maybe when you’re in fourth grade. After that, the allure should begin to wear off, at least to most of us with an IQ above that of a garden vegetable. Believe it or not, there are lots of women out there who won’t be impressed with your ability to use the ‘F’ word as any part of speech. For that reason alone, you might consider tempering your sailor’s tongue. And, ultimately, the shock value of bad words wears thin quickly. After that, you’re simply boring.

Seriously, what’s more tedious in a conversation than a guy who prefaces most nouns and verbs with an F bomb? You might remember that one of our admonishments at Swank Life is to create an impressive base of knowledge and intelligence to woo the woman of your dreams. When we suggested you learn foreign language, harnessing a dizzying array of swear words wasn’t what we meant.

Here are some comments, pulled off the forum at The Alpha Guy, which let you know exactly what that smooth girl at the bar really thinks when you pepper your conversation with colorful metaphors.

“I find it boring and an indication of limited use of vocabulary and intelligence. Also, it shows a lack of courtesy toward others.”

“It doesn’t really bother me in a regular social situation as long as when they slip the profane word in, it flows. What bothers me is when my bosses use profane words to explain things. I’ve noticed that they often do it to seem closer to their employees but it just seems really inappropriate.”

“It’s so unattractive and it is even worse when women do it. It is just a disgusting habit.”

There you have it. Women are singularly unimpressed with your swearing and, unless you plan on trolling for dates at truck stops or in the military, you might want to open a dictionary to see if you can find a replacement for your three or four favorite curse words. Come on, you can do it. And don’t dismiss our suggestion about learning a foreign language. And not just the swear words!

To speak well and impressively is to increase your odds greatly that a super hot babe will pay heed when you open your mouth.

The Swank Life Team

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