standard Calibrate Her Buying Temperature

SwankLife.comLike it or not, think it’s crass and boorish or not, an entire industry has grown up around the concept of dating or speed seduction, if you will. The great thing about Swank Life is we bring you the stuff that matters, ignore what doesn’t, and do it all in an environment that you’re not afraid to show to your kid sister. One term used frequently in reference to how receptive a woman is to you is called her “buying temperature.” Don’t fritz out. We’re not being sensationalistic here – well, maybe just a little – but the idea behind it is dead serious.

When you cold approach a girl or group of girls in a social setting you’ve got to have the objectivity and perception to judge whether or not they’re actually listening to anything you say or simply brushing you off as a nuisance, and counting the minutes (or seconds) until you go away. By the way, if a woman yawns, looks at her watch, or glances around the room while you’re talking, that is not a good sign. It’s a clear indication she’s, all together now, just not that into you. If you notice these reactions from a variety of women spread out over a number of days and encounters, Swank Life is here to tell you that some serious re-tooling of your approach seems to be in order.

Rather than be one of the clueless pack of guys who continues to yammer along, clueless or insensitive to the reality of the (poor) impression you’re making, politely excuse yourself and head straight home for cold, hard, look into what you’re doing wrong, and how to correct it, pronto.

Buying temperature is essentially slang for how emotionally receptive she is to your attention, and how attracted she is to you generally. The good news is that there are things you can do to increase the buying temperature. Silly things can be effective like a thumb wrestling challenge or a magic trick, though take care you don’t fall into the role of entertainment monkey, where she’s off to the next thing as soon as you run out of material. She’s not your audience. She’s a person. A very special person known as a woman and, no, it’s not supposed to be easy. Good luck.

The Swank Life Team

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