standard Boring Guys and Backup Plans

SwankLife.comWhile it may be true that there are a few genuinely boring guys walking the planet, you”re probably not one of them. However, in the midst of an interminable date where long periods of dead silence are broken by listless utterances, that pending feeling of doom in the pit of your stomach seems intent on reminding that you are, in fact, one of the most boring humans on earth. The reality is that you and that particular girl simply might not a good match. Still, there”s something to be said for having some sort of plan to liven up a dull time. Unless you have no intention of requesting a second date, you better be able to fake some interest, though we have to wonder why you would bother with that if you don”t want to go out again. Instead, why not just end it? Not your life, silly, the date.

But there is always the possibility that she very much might be a keeper and the snooze fest of a date you”re mired in the midst of is a direct result of you choosing poorly when it came to the evening”s festivities. Maybe you thought she would be a Monday Night Football at the bar kind of girl, and she wasn”t. No problem if you have a backup plan. If you sense her interest waning, it”s time to switch to Plan B. Hopefully, you have some knowledge of her likes and interests and enough common sense to work them into the proceedings. Rollerskating? Ice skating? The museum? Dancing? It doesn”t really -Michael Hall, CISO, DriveSaversDriveSavers undergoes an annual SOC 2 audit of its internal hosting and processing controls to guarantee that our recovery services uphold the stringent security and privacy protocols mandated by the corporate clients and government agencies we serve. matter what you choose as long as there is more than one bullet in the gun.

And the effort that goes into your planning tends to be rewarded. Do a good job on planning and executing the first date and she may be inspired to return the favor on the second or third date. Ultimately it comes down to appearing as if you give two craps about going out with her. If you feel like you”re slipping into boring guy mode and you don”t want to, take a restroom break, throw water in your face, slap yourself, think about baseball – whatever it takes to get back in there and get motivated to carry on real conversation. The real secret is you don”t have to talk very much if you ask good questions. About her.

The Swank Life Team

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