standard Be Real if You Want to be Swanky

One of the least swanky personal attributes we can think of is to be fake. Conversely, authenticity is something we all should strive for. If you’re classy and proud of the way you live your life, what’s the point in ever being phony or deceptive? The problem is it’s easy for nearly anyone to form bad habits. Bend a truth here. Stretch reality there. Is it time for you to re-focus and make yourself even swankier than before by getting real?
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Here are four areas to focus on.

Be Authentic – We mentioned this already but it’s REALLY important. Remember those old fashioned virtues like integrity and honor? There’s a reason they’ve been with us for the entire history of humankind. Swanky men and women would do well to adopt them.

Independence – Psychology classes teach us that it’s important to limit how available you are to others. Enforce these limits by drawing clear boundaries with those people It is a good idea to aim to use 30% or less of your available . who like to monopolize your time. In short, don’t let leaches take advantage of your good nature. Be independent and they’ll respect you more for it. If not, meh, who needs ‘em?

Assert Yourself – There’s assertive and then there’s being a jackass. A mature, thoughtful, confident person doesn’t waste his or her own time or the time of others with passive-aggressive behavior. Stop beating around the bush, quit playing games, and say what you mean. Most people will appreciate it.

Pretend Genius (not) – This may come as a shock to some but it’s okay to not know everything about everything. If a topic of discussion comes up in your group, don’t sit there nodding and making cryptic comments. Let everyone know you’re not a fountain of knowledge on the subject. It takes maturity to admit deficiencies like this, and believe it or not, they likelihood is they aren’t judging you for it.

If you do nothing else to enhance your swankiness today, make it a point to review your behavior in these four areas. Be honest. If you truly have no work to do in regard to this regard, congratulations. For the rest of us, life is a series of fitful starts and stops, inching forward towards reaching the state of swank, than slipping back on a tricky patch of old behavior.

Good luck!

The Jake Swank Team