standard Bad Reasons to NOT Introduce Yourself

SwankLife.comMaybe there are a FEW good reasons to not introduce yourself to the woman across the room you’re dying to talk with. Maybe you recognize her from the FBI’s Most Wanted List at the post office. Maybe she reminds you a little too much of your grandmother. Touche’. There are legitimate reasons to keep your seat and go on nursing your drink, however, the following are not those reasons! If you’re using any of them to talk yourself out of making an approach, stop! Get over there and talk. Eternal regret is infinitely worse than temporary embarrassment.

The age difference is humongous.
While it’s true that dating or marrying someone 60 years your senior (or junior), like Hugh Hefner recently did, might cause visible trembles of revulsion in a certain percentage of the citizenry, what’s five, ten, or even fifteen years between friends? A five to seven year age difference between partners is so common no one even notices. Remember, some people look noticeably older/younger than their biological age, and, ultimately, as long as it’s legal, who really cares if the target of your mid-20’s affection happens to be collecting Social Security retirement benefits? It’s your life, bub, don’t waste it.

She’s too hot / not hot enough.
If you don’t stop being such an un-swanky stuck up snob, we’re going to come over to your house and slap you. We’re talking about TALKING here. You know, chat, conversation, gab, palaver. You’re not going to marry her tonight. But imposing some sort of weird mental dimensions on whether or not she’s worthy on the basis of a single glance across the room: Are you crazy? Don’t do that. One of Jake Swank’s commandments (we’re not sure which and too lazy to look it up) is to build your social network. If she’s not your cup of tea, how do you know she doesn’t have a sister or friend who is?

I’m not cool or rich.
Maybe you’re not yet but you want to be some day, right? What a terrible world this would be if only the rich, successful people dated. What you do need are goals, aspirations, and a passion for life. If you don’t have any of that, well, maybe you should just stay there on the stool until you find some.

The Swank Life Team

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