standard Are Short Guys Out Of Luck When It Comes To Dating?

SwankLife.comConventional wisdom says tall, dark, and handsome (TDH) gets the girl, but what if you’re short, pasty, and gruesome (SPG)? Does that mean you should start researching nearby celibate monasteries? Whether or not you want to become a monk is a personal decision, though you shouldn’t proceed on the false assumption that your vertical challenge and physical appearance is holding you back from meeting the Super Hot Babe walking her chihuahua in the park.

If absolutely everything else was equal, TDH might win the day. Maybe it’s genetic. Built into the female DNA to seek a big, strong man to protect her from the saber toothed tigers and woolly mammoths of the Cro-Magnon era. But lucky for you, SPG dude, everything else is not and never will be equal. There are tall guys (and short too) who are jackasses, smelly, self-absorbed, terrible conversationalists, and dumb as a box of rocks.

After perusing the forums, it does seem that women, in general, prefer a man to be either on their height or perhaps slightly taller, but this preference takes a far back seat to personality, intelligence, sense of humor, etc. Ultimately, a short guy who spends time worrying about his lack of height is obsessing on the wrong thing. Shortness isn’t going to lose you a hot date as quickly as under-developed OTHER areas related to personality.

If the whole idea of being too short really drives you crazy, investigate products like shoes with secret raised heels, though Swank Life suggests you take care with that. If the relationship progresses, there will eventually come a time when the shoes come off, and if you suddenly shrink from 5’10” to 5’2″, she’s going to notice. Not to be too crass, but how would you feel if to discover she was padding her bra considerably? The fact is it simply isn’t a good idea to have that kind of deception buried under your shoes or clothing. She might have liked you fine at your natural height, but throwing in a sudden and unexpected eight inch reduction might freak her out a little.

Our advice? Don’t worry about it. Be who you are…yada, yada,yada. Seriously. That’s the best advice out there. The physics of trying to carry off a charade are against you. You’re going to fail at some point, so concentrate on overwhelming her with things that really matter. If the idea that you’re too short ever crosses her mind, it will be a fleeting thought.

Keep in mind, a good attitude wins the day.

The Swank Life Team

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