standard AMOG’s, BF’s, and the AFC

The Swank Life ShowIf you find yourself venturing into the seduction “industry” for the first time, prepare thyself for a frontal onslaught of terms and acronyms that rival any level of confusion the military can inflict upon a basic recruit. At Swank Life, we”re going to sort it all out for you, but a little bit at a time, so your head doesn”t implode. But don”t make the error in judgment that this stuff doesn”t matter. It does. If you can”t understand what the gurus are saying, you”re never going to close the deal with that nine-plus lolling on the edge of her seat by the bar.

There”s a good chance you are an Average Frustrated Chump (AFC). There”s no crime in this status, though why you would be content to stay there when you can lift yourself out of the romantic doldrums, is beyond us. So what is an AFC specifically? The problem with the AFC”s approach to winning a woman is they”ve bought into the line that you should “just be yourself.” Generally, that”s a huge mistake. Buying a hot woman”s time with drinks and dinner is doomed to fail, and only feeds into your (and her) perception that she”s some sort of princess entitled to royal treatment. And you wonder why so many act like bee-otches?

The Alpha Male Other Guy (AMOG) is one of the first interferences you”re going to run into when you approach your target SHB (Super Hot Babe). This guy might her boyfriend or might not. He could be another AFC or even a PUA (Pick Up Artist). The common thread that he”s the one in the group who will try to break your game and interrupt your material.

Of course the BF, or boyfriend, of the SHB is likely to try to slam the door shut on you hard and fast. How far you want to continue to pursue a girl with a boyfriend standing right there is up to you, but don”t be surprised if tension rises quickly, even to the level of physical threats or intimidation. As a budding PUA, you might choose to be respectful of a relationship, once proven it actually exists. Keep in mind that the “boyfriend” gambit is one of the oldest tricks in the book from women who are trying to run off AFC”s without game.

The Swank Life Team

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