standard Always Be Learning – Smart is STILL Sexy

SwankLife.comAs the creator of The Swank Life Show, Jake Swank is the swankiest guy we know and packs a lot of life knowledge for guys into his 10 Commandments for Swank Life. One we’d like to review today goes as follows:

“Flex thy mind and body: Smart isn’t just sexy, it’s swanky. ABL – Always Be Learning is the mantra for the modern Renaissance Man. You’re not a leader unless you’re a reader, nor an earner unless you’re a learner. But all “know” without the “get up and go” does not a Swank Life disciple make. A fully flexed mind combined with a highly tuned body creates the ultimate in irresistibility.”

This doesn’t mean you need to launch each day into a rip-roaring start with an hour of yoga, followed by a lesson in neurosurgical procedures, and then tap dancing practice – though none of this would necessarily be a bad idea.

ABL is a concept and frame of mind that should be inhaled on a daily basis, allowed to course through your bloodstream and seep into every pore of your body. And we don’t say this as an esoteric exercise. You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? Here it is: dumb and ignorant do not scream, “I’m a sexy beast!” when you slide into casual conversation with the Super Hot Babe at the bar.

If, perchance, her verbal interest expands beyond televised sports and you got nowhere to go – well – sorry buddy. Should have listened to Jake Swank. We’re not going to tell you WHAT or HOW to always be learning because it can (and should) differ drastically between men. Just keep in mind that a lump attracts a certain kind of girl, so don’t be surprised if that’s the kind you keep reeling in. If you’re not learning, you’re just making the whole gender look bad, which makes YOU the reason we have to work even harder to be ready to impress at any time.

So, ABL, baby, ABL.

The Swank Life Team