standard 7 Ways to Fix Her Moods

Guys tend to think in straight lines. See problem. Develop instant solution. Sorry girls, we’re just wired that way. That’s why you need girlfriends, to perk you up when you’re feeling down, commiserate over the terrible state of your life at that very moment – even though it will probably seem much cheerier in a few short hours – and, gosh darn it, just be there to listen while you blow off a ton of steam after a horrible week at work.

Listen up, guys. Your girl will always have female friends and, believe us, that’s a good thing, but would it kill you to develop a little insight into the way her mind operates? Can you even begin to imagine the brownie points at your disposal if you were the one male in her life who says forget about solutions and let’s just get you to feeling better?

Need some ideas? Don’t feel bad. Most of us do. We want to take a wrench and hammer to it when what we should be doing is:

1. Making a date for reality television and a bottle of wine: The Real Housewives, Jerseylicious, and maybe even the Amazing Race or Survivor. Nothing makes her feel better quicker than a dose of what those dunderheads on the small screen get themselves into. It’s no wonder soap opera ratings are dropping faster than an anvil in a Roadrunner cartoon.

2. Cook a meal: Come on, you can do it. Doesn’t have to be gourmet. Just make it fattening, tasty, and effort-free for her.

3. Listen: Shut your yap and let her talk about her troubles. Don’t let your mind wander to all the obvious solutions. Be a concerned friend. She’ll wear out eventually and then probably want to go to bed with you.

4. Comedy: The eternal cure for what ails her is laughter ’til she pees her pants. Seriously. Take her to a funny movie and see how the mood changes on the other side.

We’ll round off this article with three more quick suggestions: dancing, massage, ice cream. That last one will do more than all the problem solving in the world. You might think that playing the girlfriend role makes you a sissy boy but you’re wrong. Dead wrong. Try some of this stuff next time she’s down in the dumps. You can thank us later.

The Swank Life Team




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