standard 5 Swanky (and Slightly Strange) Investment Opportunities

Jake Swank has always preached the gospel of avoiding the stock market. Why? Here are three reasons we came up with off the top of our head: it’s rigged by insiders, the returns aren’t that great, and it’s boring as heck. When you’re swanky, you can’t afford to be boring, which is why we’re offering a heads up on five swanky (and a little weird) places to invest your real estate dollars.

Buying Air
Did you know that the air rights above certain swanky locations like Trump Towers in New York City can go for even more than the ground upon which the building sits? While it might seem odd to think about, prior to construction of his eponymous project, the Donald paid nearby Tiffany’s a pretty penny to “transfer the air.”

Historic Properties
Many towns in America have at least a few buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. While purchasing such a place for renovation comes with a lengthy list of rules and regulations to follow, it also allows the investor to tap into a plethora of federal and state tax credits. Instead of flipping boring old cookie cutter residential properties, try your hand at overhauling a piece of American history.

Haunted Houses
This is one of our favorites. Buying and selling houses with documented paranormal activity is yet another permutation on real estate investment. From the strange but true files – having ghosts in the house allows the seller to command a premium price from some buyers. The trick is to find the buyers who want to share their lives with a translucent entity.

Drive-In Movies
Drive-In movie theaters combine two of America’s greatest loves: movies and cars. Though huge in the 1950’s, the drive-in movie experience was almost completely gone from the American landscape by the 1980’s, but then the nostalgia craze kicked in. There’s a good chance you can pick up a drive-in movie site at a great price. Play either classics or first-run movies during the spring and summer, and maybe even develop a separate business venture on the land that runs all year.

Survival Condos
If you’re a fan of our affiliate website Holistic Survival, there’s a good chance you might have already heard of survival condos constructed in abandoned government missile silos. Completely self-sustaining in the event of a nuclear attack, this could be a great investment as well. Don’t be afraid to cash in on paranoia.

The Jake Swank Team

Flickr / Sean MacEntee