standard 4 Stupid Apps and Where to Find Them

3287079932_774198fd6e_mLeave it to humanity to go above and beyond in creating apps that increase work productivity and make life easier. When it comes right down to it, though, people are really all about the things that matter: who’s hot and who’s not, the necessity of butt wipes for the well-groomed man, how well a woman’s bra fits, and sharing their deepest secrets with a few million of their closest online friends.

Here are four apps you probably could live without, but do you really want to?
Business Insider says about Whisper: “…the iPhone and Android app that lets people anonymously share their deepest and darkest secrets, is becoming a treasure trove of opinionated information regarding social issues, technology, violence, and more. Since launching in May 2012, more than 2 million users have uploaded millions of secrets to the app.”
Another app to catch the attention of Business Insider: “Orit Hashay launched a “Fit or Not” feature to help women determine if their bras fit properly. Fit or Not encourages women to strip down to their favorite undergarment, snap a photo of themselves, and upload it to Brayola. The world can then judge if the the bra looks good or doesn't with a single click. After, a new pair of breasts ushers onto the screen.”
Business Insider quotes Michael Dubin, CEO and co-founder of Los Angeles-based Dollar Shave Club, as saying men use wipes frequently, and the $9 billion toilet paper market is much larger than the $6 billion shaving and grooming category. “More people wipe butts than shave,” he says. “Great things happen when your ass feels fantastic.”
Lastly but not leastly, shows you someone nearby it thinks you should know, who's single and about your age. You can anonymously like this person or skip to the next suggestion. If someone you like happens to like you back, then Tinder makes an introduction and lets you chat within the app. It may be controversial to judge people's looks, but the app has already produced more than 50 engagements and 75 million matches.

There. Don’t you feel better for having taken the time to remind yourself how shallow humans really are? Now get out there and waste some productive time with the kind of app your parents would be aghast to know you associate with. But, sadly, there’s a good chance they’re already apping it up on one or more of these already. (Top image: Flickr | ehecatzin)

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