standard 4 Guaranteed Ways to Start a Conversation

SwankLife.comPerhaps only slightly less stressful than being locked in a room with a ravenous lion, poisonous snakes, African killer bees, and a live culture of the Bubonic Plague virus, is walking up to a woman you’ve never met before and starting a conversation. Knees quiver. Stomach churns. Mouth dry and tongue suddenly thickly immobile. What do you say to avoid appearing to be a total buffoon?

Luckily, Swank Life’s resident expert and Renaissance Man, Jake Swank, can help you out with four guaranteed ways to start a conversation with that Super Hot Babe. Ready? Here we go.

Learn something interesting.
AFC’s, you’re gonna need something better than a recap of the weekend football scores or play-by-play of your recent fishing expedition to reel her attention in. Research something you didn’t know before. Make it a point to absorb some trivia regularly. The point is to fill your head, at least to some extent, with information that the average Joe doesn’t have.

First – relax.
Don’t walk up to her as a tightly wound little ball of stress. No telling what kind of gibberish might emerge under those conditions. Take a moment. Relax. Long, slow breaths. We tend to imagine the absolute worst, which hardly ever happens. Come on, what IS the worst that could happen? She laughs derisively and turns away? Is that going to kill you? If so, you’re not ready for dating yet.

Ask interesting questions.
Guess what women love to do? Talk about themselves! Nothing wrong with that and it often offers you a slam bang opening to start a conversation. Notice something unique about what she’s wearing, or maybe a book she’s reading, and ask her a question about it. Not a stupid, come-on question but a legitimate inquiry that allows her to do what she loves to do – talk about her life.

Stop trying to be clever.
Most of us do more harm than good when we try to be clever. Leave that stuff in your back pocket and only bring it out later in the encounter if your material is really strong. Otherwise, don’t pretend like you’re a stand up comedian. Very few people can keep up a good line of patter for long. Just try being yourself for a change

Good luck!

The Swank Life Team

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