standard 4 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Your Sex Appeal

2323563730_5f12cc55a0In case you haven’t heard, the world ain’t fair and some of us are less sexy than others. Wait! Don’t throw yourself off a bridge or lay your head on the railroad tracks yet. All hope is not lost for those occupying the lower side of sexy on the spectrum. Your situation can be improved and faster than you might realize. Treat yourself to a big helping of good advice. Here are four ways to instantly increase your sexiness. Today. Right now.

Find a Group

Scientists say that, when confronted with a group of people, the human brain averages the faces. Less attractive people get a boost and the beautiful ones take a hit. If you’re already sexy, avoid groups. They’ll degrade your looks. However, if you hit every branch on the ugly tree when you fell out, get yourself into a group. It’ll make you better looking.

It’s All About Closing Time

You probably don’t need an Einsteinian IQ to figure this one out, but a University of Virginia research paper in 1979 indicated that, in a bar setting, your sex appeal goes up as closing time rolls around. A newer study confirmed that patrons found the remaining barflys “significantly more attractive” as the time to interact grew short. Interesting enough, this did not apply to those already in relationships. Seriously, do we need research to tell us these things?

The Color Red

The results are in, and it’s a landslide. Both males and females find the color red to be a turn on. And this phenomenon isn’t limited to humans. Chimpanzees and baboons also prefer a partner who flashes a little red. The bottom line: When pawing through the pile of half-clean clothes on the floor in search of something to wear for a night on the town, always choose red.

Don’t Forget to Smile

Smiling broadly isn’t just for those cheesy, mandatory middle school photographs. A great big ‘ol smile is a large part of an attractive face. Brain scans have shown that a smiling face is a sexier face unless, of course, you’ve got dental hygiene issues. That won’t help your sexy cause at all. In that case we suggest you find a friendly dentist, brush your teeth, or hang out in dark corner booths.

That’s enough sexy education for one day. Try one or all of our suggestions. You can thank Jake Swank later. (Image: Flickr | NTLam)

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