standard 3 Things Money Can Buy – One Thing It Can’t

Perhaps never before has such as vexing question been paid on the heart of young Don Juans’ everywhere. No, it’s not why did the chicken cross the road? The question we’re talking about is do you need lots of money to get the girl? More specifically, the kind of girl you think you want. To answer that question, we turn to a recent article in Psychology Today, a periodical that wants to know why money is darn sexy anyway?

The conclusion was that money provides a man with power, rewards, and freedom, a trifecta that many women find quite alluring. Let’s take each in turn.

1. Power – It’s a fact of life that money provides a certain amount of prestige to a man. Perhaps even a level of prestige entirely disproportional to certain other aspects of his life. How else can one explain Donald Trump’s hair? Yes, Virginia, money DOES provide the power of prestige. It also signals to any woman on the prowl that the dude with the bankroll will likely be a good provider, and ever since providing meant being able to sneak up on a woolly mammoth and whack it on the head hard enough to crack it’s skull, the female brain and nose has been hard-wired to sniff out this quality.

2. Rewards – It seems sort of obvious to have to say it, but the more money you got, the more stuff you can buy for her. The kind of stuff that might temporarily distract her from the fact that your sense of humor is about as underdeveloped as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fidelity gland. Exotic sports cars and vacations, expensive restaurants, shiny baubles. All these byproducts of money might give a leg up to the man with more of it. Temporarily.

3. Freedom – One of the crummy facts of life is that most of us have to devote about one-third of our day to simply earn enough money to survive. If we manage to have a little left over to play with, well that’s just our good fortune. The guy with the loaded bank account has more leisure time, definitely. More time to woo the fairer sex, and more time to play with her once he’s got her.

But there is one thing that money can’t buy – genuine confidence. Toss in refreshing, animated, and fun, and you might find that all that money some other guy spreads around can’t buy genuine personality. Of course, Swank Life always suggests you become filthy rich if you can. Our modus operandi has always been income property investing.


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