standard 3 Reasons You Need a Swanky Puppy

While we think puppies are inherently swanky, there’s an even more mercenary reason to get one: nothing scores dates like a cute dog! Seriously, it’s not even close. A recent scientific study found that having a four-legged critter accompany you on a walk in the park decreases your chances of sleeping alone that night by a full 37 percent. Actually, there was no study and we just made that number up, but here are five rock solid reasons a puppy can supercharge your dating life.

1. Forced Marches: What’s the number one thing you have to do with a puppy? Take them outside, of course. This forces you out of your self-imposed exile of apartment/condo living and makes it more likely you’ll interact with actual people. Facebook and texting don’t count. So, unless you swaddle your animal in diapers 24/7 or like to scour the nooks and crannies of your living quarters for doggie droppings, a pet drags you out into the real world at least a couple of times daily.

2. Ice Breaker: We’re not talking about throwing your puppy through the ice because you’ve always had a thing for first responders. A puppy on the end of a leash is a guaranteed conversation starter. Let’s face it, there’s probably another scientific study out there that has conclusively proven girls are genetically incapable of passing a cute puppy by without speaking to it. If you happen to be the lucky guy at the other end of the leash, there’s a good chance she might toss a few words your way also. Voila! Instant conversation.

Before we proceed, let’s take a look at some actual numbers from a survey by the American Kennel Club.

• 58% of men surveyed verified that puppies are babe magnets in the park
• 46% of women said they’d stop and talk to anyone with a cute puppy
• 66% of dog owners said they would never date someone who doesn’t like their dog

On to the third reason.

3. The Canine Commonality: Before you set your sights on a particular guy or gal, it would be nice to know that you have at least one thing in common. Voila again! You both like dogs, right? You’re not dragging some poor little furry creature through the park for no other reason than to add another number to your iPhone contact list, are you? Let’s hope you actually like dogs. You’ve got that in common.

A few words of warning: a puppy is not a yard ornament. They require time, care, and expense. Unless you REALLY want one for your own reasons, please don’t take the plunge. Even better, consider a pound puppy. There are lots of really cute ones waiting for a swanky owner. Just ask Jake Swank.

The Jake Swank Team