standard 19 Pick Up Terms Every Swank Guy Should Know

It’s a brave, new dating world out there, Swanksters, and if you don’t know know the lingo, you’re liable to get very, very confused while reading websites like this one. We talk to the gurus on a regular basis, then report back to you here at Swank Life. If you want to know what they’re actually talking about, read on…

(Psst, the following list was partially cribbed from and except where noted)

Alpha Female of Group
Woman who is the leader of a group of women. Almost every group of females has one. She will make most decisions and respond first to most approaches, even when approach was not directed towards her. In pickup, you must win her over first before escalating with her followers.

Associating an emotion to a physical thing. To set an anchor, create a positive emotional state and provide a unique trigger. Later, use that trigger to recall that emotion.

Approach Anxiety
The fear of making cold first approaches on a group of women. Nearly every man has a fear of making the initial approach, based on years of contact and trying to make friends with rude, arrogant women. AA is reduced with lots of practice, and knowledge that you have a solid strategy.

Approach Invitation
A women is signaling for you to approach her, with eye contact or body language.

Average Frustrated Chump
The ‘old style’ of picking up women by buying their time and attention with drinks, flowers, dinner, etc. The men generally have been taught failed social interaction at a young age by women (perhaps raised by women), and will cling for decades to the concept of ‘just be yourself’. Often these men are angry and suicidal, and will cling for decades to their belief that women should be friends first and treated like entitled princesses.

Body Language
Positioning of the body in a way that carries a certain meaning to others. For example, crossed arms mean the person is guarded, and does not want to be approached.

Person in an exclusive relationship. Note that women often say they have a boyfriend when they don’t (in early stages of pickup), so PUAs ignore the statement of boyfriend unless there is evidence he really exists. Otherwise, PUAs are generally respectful of established relationships.

Buying Temperature
Level of difficulty of seduction for a particular woman or group of women. Credit: Tyler Durden

Accurate gauge of the reaction of your target and the effectiveness of your game

Canned Routines
Pre-written routines that you can use in any situation. Pros: It’s been field tested and known to work. Cons: HB’s may have heard it before, and bust you on using someone else’s material.

Demonstration of Higher Value
Statements, actions, or stories that convey high value as measured by the female mind. Used in attraction building to make the PUA stand out from the others. Examples – standing and walking with confidence, speaking with authority, telling stories about visiting interesting places or mentioning you have interesting friends, jobs, etc.

Demonstration of Lower Value
Statements, actions, or stories that convey LOW as measured by the female mind. AFCs do this by often, sometimes by accident. Examples – standing a walking with a slouch, allowing others to talk over you and change the subject, telling stories that are boring and go nowhere.

False Time Constraint
Pretend you are busy with something else to prevent set from ignoring you, thinking you may never go away if they show attention. Examples: “I can only stay a minute…” , “I need to get back to my friends in a second, but I wanted to ask you…”

Field Report
Written report posted on the internet of results of sarging. They are generally written with great detail, highlighting which approaches and techniques worked and which ones did not, so that others may learn. Offshoots of this are the LR (Lay Report), which sometimes seem to be more of BR (Brag Report).

Freeze Out
Ignoring another person for doing something unwanted. Can be very obvious – such as saying ‘I’m not talking to you anymore’ and turning back, or barely noticeable, such as turning slightly away a giving more attention to another person.

Group Theory
Women almost always go out in groups, and to pick up a woman in a group the man must simultaneously win the approval of her friends while actively demonstrating a lack of interest in the target. Credit: Mystery’s Book: The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed

Hired Guns
Women who work in the service industry and have direct contact with customers, such as strippers, waitresses, flight attendants. These women are often hired for their attractiveness. Credit: Mystery’s Book: The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed

Indicator of Disinterest
An action, statement, gesture, or body language that conveys that a person is not interested in what you are saying to doing. Examples: looking away, rolling eyes upward, leaving the group, turning away, or saying “Get lost, loser!” Credit: Mystery

Indicator of Interest
An action, statement, gesture, or body language that conveys that a person is interested in what you are saying to doing. Examples: touching hair or lips, asking your name, touching your arm, smiling. Credit: Mystery.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this all you need to know, but it’s a good start.

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