standard 10 Reasons Women Should Date Older Guys

Have you heard of the “half your age plus seven” dating rule? It goes like this. To find out the absolute lowest age of anyone you should date, divide your own age by two and add seven years.” For those with math difficulty, that means a 40-year old should not stray below the age of 27. We’re not prudes here, and please don’t make the mistake of shooting the messenger but, perhaps unfortunately, society deems intimate relationships socially acceptable if the ages of the two parties fall between certain parameters.

From our point of view, though, something as cut-and-dried as the preceding “rule” is just begging to be disproven. With that in mind, feast your eyes, ladies and gents, on the Swank Life Top Ten Reasons Women Should Consider Dating Older Guys.

1. Financial Stability
Let’s face it, the average college age guy’s financial plan and stress includes remembering to check all the change return slots in the vending machines on the way to class. Scraping up enough moolah for a Friday night six-pack is no easy task when you work for minimum wage eight hours a week at the campus library. Girls, if you have the misfortunate to be fixated on one of these young, dumb dudes, hope you like Taco Bell and the .99 cent bean burritos because that’s what your dinner dates are going to be. Wouldn’t it be nice to date a guy who can afford to take you to a nice restaurant in his swanky car?

2. Life Experience
We don’t like to throw around pejorative words lightly, but let’s face it, young guys on the dating scene are just dumb. They can’t help it and most of them will grow out of it eventually. Do you want to be the practice girlfriend for a succession of these lunkheads? Trust us, you do not. Guys start out less mature than girls of the same age anyway, so it takes a few extra years on the odometer of life before they start to figure things out. Skip the stress and drama of holding their hand through this phase and get right to the good stuff – an older guy who knows how the world works.

3. Emotional Stability
Tied in with the previous paragraph on life experience is emotional stability. Do you want to be in constant competition with your guy to see who’s the bigger emotional wreck? No! There needs to be at least one stable party in a relationship and wouldn’t you rather it be him? Sure you would. The bottom line is an older guy has already seen all your moody craziness in other women and recognizes it for what it is. He’s paid his dues, grown up, while the younger dude is still trying to figure females out. Make it easier on yourself, ladies. Vote with your feet for emotional stability.

4. Be the Young Hottie Forever
It absolutely happens. Men in their 30’s or 40’s who are married to a women approximately their own age will sooner or later get distracted by a tight-bodied young hottie. When you latch onto an older man you practically guarantee you’ll ALWAYS be the young hottie. Let’s say he’s 40 and you’re 20. Add two decades to that – making him 60 and you 40 – and, guess what, you’re STILL a young hottie to him. Think about it, ladies.

5. He Probably Won’t Cheat
Chances are your young stud has a huge animalistic streak. To put it bluntly, the chances are high he’ll mate with anything that crosses his path. Loyalty and fidelity are vague concepts at best and certainly aren’t applicable once you’re out of his sight. Choose an older guy and rest easier at night knowing he has the capacity to understand and value a relationship over a quickie with a stranger in the locker room down at the gym.

6. His Looks Won’t Change
Here’s the reality of aging. A guy’s physical appearance can change drastically between the ages of 20 and 40. The young buck’s looks you’re so enamored with in college can go to hell in hurry once he settles into a job, develops an ulcer, adopts alcoholism and overeating as a hobby, and never trims his ear and nose hair. Once a guy hits 40, you can rely on the fact that, if he’s taking care of himself, he probably always will. In this case, no surprise is a good thing.

7. Enjoy Great Vacations
Younger guys probably think a weekend in Vegas or spring break getaway to Panama City Beach is pretty swanky. Ummm…no. An older guy thinks more terms of skiing Europe or a week wandering the streets of Paris hand-in-hand. More importantly, he can pay for it.

8. Better Conversation
As a man gets older, the potential for conversational topics increases exponentially. From the sheer number of years on this earth he’s got more to talk about than the last rock concert you attended. Can you even begin to imagine it? Sweet. Blessed. Conversation. If you pay attention, there’s no limit to what useful bits of advice might come your way.

9. Can You Say Romance?
We would never claim that men are especially quick on the uptake when it comes to romance, but from the sheer number of women he’s interacted with over the years he should have picked up a few cues that will serve him (and you) well. Trust us, there’s more to romance than a hurried trip to the local grocery store on the way home from work on Valentine’s Day.

10. Trivial Pursuit Partner!
As guys get a few years on them, the amount of useless trivia that sticks in their heads reaches truly staggering proportions. Normally a woman might consider this a waste of brain space that could be put to better use creating new and unique ways to pamper you. But wait…have you ever considered the advantage he would be as a Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble partner? We’re not saying he’s smarter than you, simply that he’s had more time to soak up pointless details about so many things.

Here’s the bottom line. We’re actually a simple species. We like one person and don’t like another often based on what we get out of the deal. When it comes to younger women dating older guys, all other things being equal, there’s a good chance the old dude comes with a lot of benefits, many of them being financial.
It’s long been our opinion at Swank Life that most things in life can be boiled down to money, sex, or religion. Throw power in if you like. These four ideas are the primary motivator behind almost any action a human being undertakes. Don’t believe us? Pick a few random behaviors you indulge in throughout the course of a day. Analyze them honestly. Why did you do it? Was it money, sex, religion, or power?

Bet it was.

BTW – we hear Tom Cruise (now 50!) is back on the market, but some older guys are a bit TOO quirky.

The Jake Swank Team