standard SL24 – Taking Personal Response-Ability in Relationships

Join Jake Swank on this episode of Swank Life as he and Joergen Rasmussen, author of Provocative Hypnosis, and one-on-one coach and family therapist in the UK, discuss many common thinking patterns and behaviors in relationships that often lead to unhappiness and frustration.  Joergen talks about one key element in making positive changes, whether you’re looking for a relationship or currently in one:  personal response-ability.  Many people”s focus is “If I could change him/her, I would be happy.”  Joergen explains why this approach doesn”t work and offers practical advice for achieving ones” personal happiness and confidence.  To learn more, listen at:

Joergen Rasmussen entered the world of change-work over 11 years ago and asked himself many questions that didn’t seem to have been answered.  Not until he set out on his own did he start to gain some understanding of what was actually missing.  Some of the clients he has helped throughout his career were classed as ‘impossibles’ – people whom other therapists could not help create change.  His creative and provocative approach is in stark contrast to many of the existing trends in personal development. Joergen began his career by offering his clients the deal “if you don’t get the outcome you want… you don’t pay”.  This complete acceptance of responsibility for his clients very quickly motivated him to get results… at any cost… and is one of the reasons Provocative Hypnosis evolved. His groundbreaking and controversial book ‘Provocative Hypnosis’  has been acclaimed by many world leaders in the field of NLP and Hypnosis including John Grinder (co creator of NLP).