standard SL 68 – How to Date Around the World with Kyle Trouble

Dating around the world isn’t the same as dating in America. There are vast differences in dating cultures both around the world, and around the US. Kyle Trouble has made it his mission to travel abroad, figure out dating in all areas, then share them with the world.

Learn where women are loosest, or where you can find girls who are looking for a traditional man, and where you need to protect your drink so you don’t get robbed blind.

Key Takeaways:

[1:05] Kyle’s specialty in the role of dating and relationships

[6:03] What’s different about dating overseas

[9:16] If the dating scene is bad for men, does that mean it’s good for women?

[13:13] Women testing men to filter them

[15:28] How to act like the high value man

[20:15] What a first date abroad looks like, and if it varies country to country

[24:03] The further East you go in the world the more traditional it gets



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