standard SL 67 – F-CK LOVE: One Shrink’s Advice for Finding a Lasting Relationship with Dr Michael Bennett

It’s time to get down to the bare bones of relationship advice with Dr Michael Bennett, author of the book F*ck Love. Dr Bennett discusses how to screen potential significant others for warnings signs, saying that screening for negatives is a better weeding out method than looking for positives. He also dispels some relationship myths and gives tips on how to improve your own mental readiness for relationships.

Key Takeaways:

[1:57] The importance of screening potential mates

[5:31] Some of the perks of having a lasting relationship

[7:39] The potential downsides of some personality traits

[11:14] Whether there’s a such thing as healthy jealousy, and how to resolve it

[14:15] Whether it’s actually important to never go to bed angry


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