standard SL 40 – Marni Kinrys Wing Girls and Dating Techniques for Men

In today’s episode of Swank Life, Jake Swank and guest Marni Kinrys provide the ultimate guide for men wanting more success in finding women. Marni is the founder of The Wing Girl Method, a process designed to give tips and real-life insights into what women think and how this can be used to reinvent the modern man’s dating techniques.





04.55 – Our reactions to relationships are always changing – nowadays online dating is normal and often, successful, whereas it used to be a sign of desperation.

05.39 – Men: If you want something, you have to be very clear and direct with your intentions. 

09.00 – Ask for what you really want. If you ask if she wants coffee, she’ll think you only mean coffee. 

12.40 – It’s sexy for a man to look like he has a life going on, rather than appearing over-eager.

16.55 – Age goes some way to dictating communication methods, but these are by no means set in stone.

22.00 – There are three reasons a woman might tell you she has a boyfriend, and you have to respect and understand why she’s said it to you.

24.40 – The friend-zone: If you’re going to act like a friend, all you’re going to get is a friendship.

25.27 – Being ‘nice’ is good, but in the beginning she’s looking to see that you’re driven and exciting, not what a good boyfriend you think you’d make.


28.56 – Find out more about Marni Kinrys’s ideas at and check out her Ask Women Podcast on iTunes.

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