standard SL 38 – Warrior Lovers with Dr. Catherine Salmon

Dr. Catherine Salmon is Associate professor of psychology at the University of Redlands and author of, “Warrior Lovers: Erotic fiction, evolution, and female sexuality.” She joins the show to discuss how romance novels represent and portray female sexual preferences.


Dr. Salmon then explains the difference between how men and women express their sexuality and how guys can draw the line between treating a girl like a princess and being a doormat. 


Dr. Salmon then finishes with her tips on how guys can develop social currency and status. 

Catherine Salmon is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Redlands. Her research interests cover everything from birth order and family dynamics to eating disorders, reproductive suppression, and sexuality. She holds a PhD in psychology and a BSc in biology from McMaster University. Salmon has been featured on Oxygen and the Science Channel, and co-authored (with Don Symons) Warrior Lovers: erotic fiction, evolution, and female sexuality. In addition, she has co-edited a variety of books, including the recent Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Family Psychology and writes a blog on birth order for Psychology Today, called Ape Girl. Born in Canada, she lives in southern California and is involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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