standard SL 34 – Electrify Your Sex Life with "Sexual Euphoria"


Are you waiting to dip your toes in the water of the online dating scene? Or maybe you’re a wily veteran cyber romancer. Regardless, you won’t want to miss Episode #34 of The Swank Life Show as host Jason Hartman interviews George Moufarrej, author of “Sexual Euphoria: A Complete Guide for Men and Women.”

Moufarrej holds a Bachelor’s degree from USC and a Master’s from California State University of Los Angeles. He is an accomplished researcher and holds a special interest in communication (or lack thereof) between men and women. During this interview, Jason and George devote considerable time to the topic of exactly how online dating is different, in an emotional sense, from the face-to-face version, and the risks involved peculiar to the former.

Exactly what is necessary for a successful relationship, online or real world? Does online romance take the fun out of dating and create a sense of false intimacy in the process? And whatever happened to the great lost art of conversation, anyway? In his book, George offers the ideal guide for heterosexual couples to improve their sex lives. This should be welcome news to the number of relationships where sex has become boring and routine.

In This Episode:

– How creating online profiles leave you with nothing to talk about in real life
– Is there anything wrong with using the screening option to find dates? Yes!
– Should you fudge the truth to make yourself more desirable? No!
– The secret to creating more excitement with online dating
– Why online dating makes it TOO easy
– Breaking down eHarmony,, and Zoosk
– Much more…


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