standard SL 33 – Social tips for swanky girls with Jenn Burton

On this episode of Swank Life, Jake Swank does a 180 on the topic of dating techniques for men and is joined by dating coach for women, Jenn Burton for a discussion of how women can improve their dating and relationship experiences. Listen at: Jenn shares her own experiences and talks about some of the common mistakes that women make when they meet men, such as appearing needy or putting up walls. She encourages women to change their view of men, to believe that most men want to love and adore a woman.  An important point that Jenn makes is that chemistry between men and women is not instant and she coaches women to get to know men for a little while before actually going out on a date, and to focus on having fun with the dating experience, to view it as an adventure instead of a means to an end.

Jenn Burton is founder of After years of dysfunctional relationships & crappy dating experiences she decided to take matters in her own hands. Jenn developed a method to help women create the most amazing dating adventures and learn how to go from feeling ignored to absolutely adored. Now she exclusively works with single women who want it all:  career, success, and to be epically adored & romanced… and who are willing to change up the status quo in dating.