standard SL 32 – Outstanding Online Dating Advice and Tips from Adam Gilad

Communication is a tough subject, with distinct neurological differences in the wiring of men and women’s brains. Men communicate data, while women communicate to connect. Jake Swank is joined by dating and relationship expert, Adam Gilad, for an explanation of effective communication in online dating. For details, listen at: Some of the tips Adam gives for effective profiles are:  Men need to learn the language of sensuality in order to create a romantic atmosphere for a woman; humor, sweetness, boldness; create trust with pictures of your social life, such as photos of family and friends, charity or sports events, that give an idea of the kind of life you both have together; and set a high bar of morality. Adam also talks about communicating that you are something bigger than yourself, such as how you serve human beings without mentioning your job title. Jake and Adam also talk about dating platforms and which platform best fits certain types of men and women. Adam gives his personal rating of different sites, such as,,,, and many more, noting that a good profile is key regardless of which platforms a person uses. When it comes to dating, Adam notes it is very important that a man takes the lead early, and he gives some romantic dating ideas. “A man with a plan is sexy,” Adam says, referring to it as “state the date.”

Adam Gilad is an eclectic, inveterate creator, writer, Emmy-nominated Producer, traveler, scholar, teacher, student and life-enthusiast. In recent years, Adam has founded The Fearless Lover, Inc., an evolving suite of online and seminar enterprises which aim to guide men and women into their inner strengths and highest intentions, then communicate with each other in a powerful, passionate, compassionate and most importantly, mutually inspiring way. His goal with The Fearless Lover is to effectuate, (for himself as well as for others!), a buoyant life of diminished fear in all its forms, and a continuous opening of the heart into deeper, broader love as a daily practice — no matter what. As he has come often to say, “What else is there to do, really?” Driven early by the desire to live this life at full-throttle, Adam had, by his mid-twenties, served as Managing Director of the world’s 4th top grossing rock group, traversed the Himalaya, meditated and practiced in ashrams and Zen monasteries in India, Nepal and the US, studied Talmud and mysticism in Jerusalem for over two years, where he was a Lady Davis Graduate Research Fellow in Political Thought, studied Ancient and Modern Philosophy at Cambridge University as a British Schools and Universities Fellow, taught Martial Arts and played flute in a Jerusalem-based klezmer band, occasionally on key.

In his thirties, he was elected a Stanford Humanities Graduate Research Fellow for his work in Creativity, Spirituality and Environmental Thought, where he also won the coveted Whiting Dissertation Fellowship for his work, “The Anxiety of Effluence: Pollution and Human Identity in Modern Aesthetics.”
Leaving Academe in search of happier, better-adjusted people to hang around, as well as spending money, Adam came to Hollywood where he has written and produced over 20 television projects, including the award-winning Erase-The-Hate USA Network movie, “Not In Our Town.” Recently, he Executive Produced the inspirational film, “The Ron Clark Story” for TNT, earning himself an Emmy-nomination as Producer in the Best Film or Miniseries of the Year category (and thereby making his mother very happy). Adam serves as “Programming Guru” for the National Lampoon Radio Networks, and has served as a Creative Consultant to some of the most prestigious corporations, enlightened and otherwise, including BMW/DesignworksUSA, Ogilvy Worldwide, Grey Advertising, Kellogs, General Foods, Safeway etc. He has taught the History of Jewish Mysticism for the University of Judaism, as well as 20th Century German Jewish Philosophy and a unique creative writing course based in worldwide wisdom texts called, “Spiritual Autobiography.”