standard SL 31 – Getting Her Attention Through Texting with Bobby Rio

As Bobby Rio expresses, times have changed in the dating scene – the reality is that getting a girl’s phone number and making a simple phone call to initiate a date just doesn’t apply. Girls are always on their phone texting and your text messages need to stand out and get her attention. Jake Swank and returning guest, Bobby Rio, talk about the new process of texting your way to a date. Listen at: Bobby shares the three important steps to make your texts stand out: Getting her attention by sparking an emotion, making a connection with her with something that makes her feel special, and the push – going for the date. Bobby gives real life examples of texts that work. For instance, connect with her by remembering something she expressed she liked when you first met her. Bobby also explains the timing of the text game, stressing the importance of not moving on to the second step, the connection, until you have her attention, and also not talking your way out of the date by rushing things. Furthermore, don’t give up if you don’t get a response right away.

Bobby also talks about ideal meeting places. He says men want to set themselves up to ask a girl out; for example, inviting her along to do something he’s planning to do anyway. Bobby also shares insights to avoiding the awkwardness on that first date. Bobby’s program is called Magnetic Messaging (

Bobby Rio is the founder of TSB Magazine (, the leading men’s website for dating and lifestyle advice. TSB Magazine is one of the most popular in the world for guys looking to improve their “game” with women, and even features a free 31 Days to Better Game challenge.
Bobby has been helping men learn how to flirt, attract women, and improve their overall social life for

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the past six years, and is known for his ability to help shy or boring guys create more fun, playful, and flirtatious conversations with women.