standard SL 30 – The Seduction Roadmap with Jon Sinn

Sinns of Attraction founder, Jon Sinn, joins Jake Swank to discuss social dynamics and Jon’s system, “The Seduction Roadmap.” Jon’s system takes a scientific approach to helping men get women. Jon says throw out the flowchart because every woman is different. “Every pick-up is a unique and dynamic experience,” Jon stresses. He also says a guy needs to understand what he wants, too, and what type of approach he’s most comfortable with when connecting with a woman, i.e. direct or indirect. What do you do in an awkward moment? What mistakes do men make when approaching women? To hear some of Jon Sinn’s tips, listen at: Learn the difference between night games and day games, when it’s appropriate to tease and when to avoid it, even the best moment to introduce yourself. Jon explains that pickup is momentum based and gives many examples of situations that can arise and how to work through them and how to avoid what Jon calls “flaking.”

Jon Sinn is considered the world’s second best PUA. He is a life change coach specializing in social dynamics. He is the founder of Sinns of Attraction, a company that is the leading innovator in the dating community. Jon creates products for his company and teaches workshops, including his system, “The Seduction Roadmap.” He has been involved in PUA world since the early 2000s, following a workshop at which he was asked to intern for Mystery. He took over teaching The Mystery Method/Love Systems, but became disillusioned with the bootcamp model and wanted to do something more intensive for his students. Jon created a year-long curriculum, “Twelve Months to Mastery,” which is still used with coaching students with Sinns of Attraction. Jon describes his company as more of a boutique – a little more expensive, but more thorough and effective. Jon is results-oriented and scientific, using a scientific tracking system. His teachings are based on cognitive behavioral psychology.