standard SL 28 – “Alphadog” with Wing Girl Kim

Join Jake Swank as he interviews Wing Girl Kim, author of Alphadog, Get the Bitch You Want. Wing Girl Kim (Kiai Kim) gives a woman’s perspective on dating, going beyond the typical dating advice and pickup tactics to explore leadership principles in dating, i.e. the Alphadog image. For more details, listen at: She talks about why she chose the dog to teach dating advice and principles, as well as describing the pack mentality in humans, whether in business, family, or even dating. Wing Girl Kim examines what women really want, saying that most women want a man with leadership abilities, not the macho image. Men have a tendency to come off too strong and Kim advises men to step back, slow down, and give the woman space to figure out whether or not she’s really interested. She discusses how the Jungian personality type theory applies to dating and relationships. She also lists the best places to meet people, such as volunteer activities, the library, conventions, clubs, etc, based on personality type. One piece of advice Kim offers men is to talk to a woman not as a woman or an object, but as a person, and become intuitive, see the big picture.

After a four-year relationship and dates with over one hundred guys, Wing Girl Kim decided to try to solve dating problems. Starting by asking her dates, “Can I offer a suggestion?” Kim became an advisor and confidante to dozens of men. This eventually led to going out with guys as their wing girl. Now, Kim brings her experience and advice to men everywhere with her first book, AlphaDog, Get The Bitch You Want.

Kim spent her childhood in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. Having two brothers and playing with neighborhood kids who were mostly boys, she has had a unique position as being both one of the guys and a girl who has dated them. Wing Girl Kim is a featured writer on