standard SL25 – Love Systems and Magic Bullets with Nick Savoy

Dating is a science, but not rocket science.  Approaching beautiful women can be intimidating, whether in a bar, club, mall, or coffee shop, and many men don’t understand the psychology of women.  Join Jake Swank and Nick Savoy, CEO of Love Systems and author of Magic Bullets, as they discuss insights and techniques on approaching and becoming successful with women in the dating scene.   “To succeed with a woman, your best chances are to make an emotional connection, to make a physical connection, and to get the logistics right,” says Savoy.  To learn more, visit:

Nick (Savoy) is President and CEO of Love Systems Corporation and is the author of Magic Bullets, our “bible” of dating science and social dynamics. He loves adventure and a challenge. After college, he traveled the world for several years, managing international businesses in Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. He started by gambling at backgammon for food and travel money across Turkey and finished by helping raise financing in Slovakia for Europe’s most promising low-cost airline Sky Europe. He has an MBA from Wharton and an Honors Degree in History from McGill University in Montreal. Love Systems Corp. is his just one of his successful startups, several coming before the age of 30. He has also consulted to several Fortune 500 companies around the world on business strategy.