standard SL22 – “Ethical Seduction: We’re Seducers, Not Monsters.”

Jake Swank talks with Frank Kermit BA. MA., Relationship Expert and Best Selling Author. Frank teaches men and women about their Emotional Needs, how to address each other’s Emotional Needs, towards ongoing loving relationships. His teachings and philosophies are about relationship building, maintenance, and living in both traditional and alternative lifestyles.  Visit:

Frank Kermit is an author of many books and audio programs. He also produces and hosts an internet radio show, runs online relationship advice forums, publishes Frank Talks: Frank Advice columns in magazines and conducts seminars. He is available for personalized coaching. His book Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test has been #1 on in the Sex-&-Relationships Category since 2008. As the author of over a dozen books and over 40 lecture-CDs Frank Kermit covers everything on the subjects of dating, relationships, and Emotional Needs. Since there’s a ton of people out there doing the same, what’s so special about Frank? Frank’s material is original – not just a summary or repackaging of someone else’s work. He has taken what he has learned from an experimental learning model and figured out how to apply that knowledge to make successful long-term relationships – monogamous, open, or alternative.
From his Internet radio show to his books and lectures, Frank Kermit has been helping singles and couples figure out their relationships for years. He provides personal coaching by telephone and in person. As a happily married man he shares his relationship coaching one-on-one, with couples, and with groups. Frank supports both traditional relationship structures and non-monogamous and fetish ones like swinger lifestyle, polyamory and BDSM. He has experience in all of them, helps people who want to switch from one type of relationship to another, and comes from a non-judgmental frame of reference. He has heard more far fetching but real stories than even the most creative writers can come up with.
Through, Frank hosts online forums. It’s a place people can go for advice and discussion about their lives, relationships, and personal development. He also works as a Creative Consultant for theatre, TV and film in the area of character creation and development and character romantic relations. is home to Frank Talks Pleasures and Lifestyles Radio where Frank interviews people from all walks of life. His goal is to inspire and educate listeners to lead more interesting and fulfilling lives. As a host of this and other past programs he has interviewed such people as Raymond Rougeau (Professional Wrestler), Tristan Lauber (award winning classical pianist), and Bernard Corbeil (lawyer and swinger’s rights advocate). Frank was privileged to host the last interview ever given by Ernie Coombs aka Mr. Dressup. As an advice columnist Frank is published in Tryst Magazine, Tab Magazine, and is featured on

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