standard SL23 – "Amplify the Attraction" with Bobby Rio

Jake Swank talks with Bobby Rio, Chief Editor of, as well as creator of Amplify the Attraction and Make Small Talk Sexy, both innovative relationship educational resources for guys. Visit: Why does he do it? In Bobby Rio”s own words:
“They say when you find something you love- Go with it! I love learning, perfecting, teaching, talking about, analyzing, and mastering the art of seducing beautiful women. I”ve packed seven years of life consuming passion into this website. Below you will find the best articles I”ve found written on seduction, every possible method of seduction, and my personal stories of seduction. This is “The Seduction Bible”
In Amplify the Attraction, Bobby discusses the five switches that consistently and reliably trigger attraction in the woman you”re talking to.
1. Playfulness

Playfulness is an attraction switch that is quickly turned on when you begin to flirt with a woman. The nbso best way to trigger this behavior is to use bantering or teasing to quickly establish yourself as a flirt. There are a variety of different ways and situations that you can use teasing to turn a woman on.

2. Uncertainty

We”ve all heard the saying that we want what we can”t have. I think a more accurate saying is that we want what we aren”t sure we can have. This is exemplified with push/pull. Push/pull is a seduction technique where you are constantly leaving a woman wondering how you really feel about you.

3. Escalation

A lot of guys don”t realize that the act of escalation alone will cause a woman to feel more attraction towards you. This is because women like sex. Yes, it is hard for a lot of guys to believe but women enjoy and crave sex as much as men do. When you properly escalate with a woman you are showing her that you are capable of providing her with a sexual experience. And this will turn a woman on.

4. Social intelligence

Ever since middle school women have instinctively been attracted to the guys who seem to be the most social. These guys can be the school quarterback, the rock stars, or just the guys who come across as leaders of the pact. Women are drawn to guys that they believe are cooler than she is.

5. Passion and Ambition

I call passion and ambition a killer combo because it enables a woman to see you as the sort of man with drive and inspiration. Women are insanely attracted to a man with a plan.