standard SL26 – A Controversial Look at a 21st Century Survival Guide for Men with RK Hendrick

Join Jake Swank and RK Hendrick, Esq. as they discuss Hendrick’s controversial book, How to Avoid “Getting Screwed” When Getting Laid.  Visit: Hendrick’s many years of experience in family/divorce law has made him an expert on harmful legal practices and predatory social practices against men in today’s society.  In this episode, Hendrick shares with Jake how the scales of justice have shifted substantially against men, whether it concerns protecting their personal fortune or gaining equal footing in a custody battle, etc, and discusses how to recognize the warning signs of a problem relationship before it’s too late.

In his legal career spanning nearly 20 years, RK Hendrick has been a prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney, a pro tem judge and a family law attorney (divorce, custody and child support cases). Within his extensive career he became aware of disturbing trends within the legal system that are having a devastating impact upon men. He saw that some women were and are using the modern day “politically correct” system as a form of revenge against their spouses or significant others resulting in innocent men being arrested, sent to jail, removed from their homes and inappropriate restraining orders being issued against them. The grim result is this costs them tens of thousands of dollars and they lose nearly everything they have. After nearly 20 years, he decided that is was time to warn others about this serious issue. He then spent countless hours writing down the best strategies for men to protect themselves from this abuse against men, which our modern day culture tends to pretend doesn't exist. He is now an author, public speaker and educator. Common sense, integrity, and rationality are the key attributes that RK Hendrick brings to the material set forth in his book. He is committed to the goal of providing objective, competent, and in depth information, with a detailed analysis, to those individuals who are seeking to improve their lives.