September, 2015

standard SL 56 – 7 Step System to Find True Love with Deborah Downey

Jason Hartman talks with Deborah Downey, certified dating and life coach, author of “What Are You Worried About?”, about her 7 step system for finding true love.
Key Takeaways:
[5:22] The two basic fears in relationships
[9:39] What daily personal affirmation she recommends
[15:04] Preparing the “outer package” for success
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standard SL 55 – Obscene Thoughts, A Pornographer’s Perspective on Sex, Love, and Dating with Dave Pounder

Jason Hartman discusses Ashley Madison scandal, the evolutionary reasons behind men and women’s sexual behaviors, human’s closet genetic species, why man wasn’t designed to be monogamous and more with Dave Pounder, author of Obscene Thoughts, retired adult film producer, director, and performer.  He is president of Dave Pounder Productions and was executive vice president at Daydream Entertainment Group from 2003-2008.
Key Takeaways:
[6:48] How sexual conflict is created
[12:21] How the Ashley Madison situation shows us evolutionary tendencies
[21:11] There’s nothing wrong with partner variety
[27:15] Discusses his newest porn documentary
[33:44] How sexual tolerance is correlated to the secularness of society
[40:41] The “war on sex”
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