June, 2015

Dana Michel

standard SL 54 – Find your Significant Other with Dana Michel from Marriage Material

Dana Michel is the founder of Marriage Material, a dating website specifically for people looking for their significant other. What’s different about Dana’s website is that it’s for people looking to settle down with a special someone and it is not catered to people who are looking for short-term flings. Dana explains what her website is about and how it works on today’s show.
Key Takeaways:
[2:10] People on dating websites tend to be looking for a one night stand. Marriage Material is different.
[3:30] What does Marriage Material do differently?
[4:15] What is an amateur matchmaker and how does it work?
[7:10] How do matchmakers make money?
[12:15] In this day and age where people Google your name, clean up your social media a little bit.
[14:40] Have a clear idea of what you’re …