February, 2015


standard SL 49 – Connecting with Women, the Simple Way

Brendan Rose talks about his three month romp in Costa Rica, that turned into a three year journey filled with travel and life lessons. He also teaches the simplicity of connecting with women.
Key Takeaways:
00:30 Brendan Rose talks about the shift that changed everything.
06:51 Brendan Rose explains how to get a phone number in a cool way.
13:05 How do you actually approach a woman?
16:29 My ten tenants.
24:49 An incredibly effective insight on making connections with Facebook.
“The feminine grows with praise, the masculine grows with challenge”
“The more motivated by love you are, the more fearless and free your actions will be,” – The Dali Lama
“Just say what you appreciate about her, that’s it.”
“The guy who embraces difficulty, is the guy who will do better with women, hands down, every single …

troy pumilli

standard SL 48 – Finding Deep Love with Troy Pummill

Troy Pummill joins Jake to discuss his online dating website, Magical Matches, and the steps his site guides you through to find your soul mate.
Key Takeaways:
01:06 Troy discusses online dating and his different approach
2:27 Troy’s shares his memories of his first date with his wife
3:45 How Magical Matches works
5:16 Troy discusses what makes a good match
7:08 Jake and Troy discuss online dating competitors
8:24 Troy explains the mechanics of Magical Matches
11:24 Troy talks about how profiles need to be deeper, heart & soul
12:20 The purpose of a date
15:46 Troy discusses what happens if things go wrong in the relationship
19:55 Jake and Troy talk about twins
Mentioned in this Episode:
The Mirror Effect: More Than Soul Mates; 6 Steps to Finding Your Magical Match Using Online Dating, http://www.amazon.com/Troy-Pummill/e/B00DX7JOZY
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