January, 2015


standard SL 47 – Identifying Dating Patterns with Ken Page

Psychotherapist and columnist Ken Page talks with Jake Swank about dating patterns people make and better ways for making a lasting loving relationship.
Key Takeaways
01:49 – Making fatal mistakes when thinking dating is a numbers game.
06:29 – Building a good and real profile that gets people interested.
10:02 – Attraction of deprivation: how everybody has a pattern in finding people that can almost love and accept us.
12:21 – Attraction of inspiration: meeting people that inspire you and make you feel connected.
13:35 – Wave of distancing: feeling that you no longer connect with someone that could be the love of your life.
14:59 – Dating buddy: having one can really help you grow in finding that person you want to be and making it with for the rest of your life.
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standard SL 46 – Swank Life with Lori Cheek

Lori Cheek founder of Cheek’d talks with Jake Swank about her dating app which connects the online and real world of dating together.
Key Takeaways
01:35 – The ideal of Cheek’d came from a date and grew from there.
03:19 – Cheek’d uses beacon technology to connect people to each other and notifies them if they cross each other enough times.
04:35 – If you get a notification about someone near you, you can look up their dating profile to know more about them.
05:50 – Users of Cheek’d have to agree to communicate with each other in order to chat.
06:49 – People have to be within 30 foot radius to connect with others.
07:46 – The Cheek’d website can show you where connections are happening and also where on the map you might …