October, 2014


standard SL 39 – Isabel Behncke – Primatologist at Oxford

Jake Swank talks to Isabel Behncke a primatologist at the Oxford University. She’s been on TED talks and today on the show she shares some very important scientific tips as to what a women loves in a man and how you can improve your lifestyle to attract women.
Key Takeaways: 
4:10 – Despite what most people think, good guys do not finish last. Women want the good guy in a long term relationship.
7:45 – Females are a limited resources to males, because they have a reproductive cycle of about 9 months.
10:00 – In the short term, women are most likely to trust a man if they show vulnerable traits.
12:00 – What attracts women? Use your brain, humor, generosity, and have a good social network.
“Find something that you like and then …