August, 2013

standard Date ‘Em Young, Be Happier

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. An older man dating a younger woman, say 20-25 years his junior, does not automatically make him a creeper or a pervert. Contrary to what conventional wisdom might think at first blush, there are legitimate reasons that mutually beneficial romantic relationships can and do work, even if the guy is over 35 and the girl just got her drinking license.
Here are three reasons Jake Swank says don’t be shy about throwing off the constraints of conventional wisdom (it’s not always about gold diggers and sex) and do what you want.
Younger Women are Happy, Happy, Happy
Let’s face it. Life can be brutal for men and women. It’s hard not to get jaded in the process: unfulfilling jobs, annoying bosses, health …

standard Stuff You Should Stop Doing After 40

While we’re strong proponents for maintaining youth as long as possible, we also favor giving up stupidity at the earliest opportunity. Certain activities that were swank in college probably aren’t now. If you’re not picking up what we’re putting down, let’s get specific. By the time you’ve been on the planet four decades, it’s not so swank to do:

Jell-O shots – If you have no idea what this is, congratulations.
Karaoke after Jell-O shots – Okay, pretty much anything involving Jell-O shots should have gone the way of the dinosaur by now.
Karoake – Sure, it’s funny at first but at what cost? Dignity?
Karaoke after midnight – Okay, pretty much anything involving karaoke is out after 40.
Breaking a plank with your head, hand, foot, elbow, butt, or any other body …