April, 2013

standard Turn Your Vacation Home into an ATM

Jake Swank thinks it’s plain silly to own a vacation home and let it sit there twiddling its thumbs, costing you money the majority of the year. Swanky people have got to change their way of thinking. A vacation home shouldn’t be an expense – it should be an ATM.
The great thing about vacation homes is, well, they’re vacation homes. The kind of crappy thing about vacation homes is they cost money to maintain. Sometimes a lot of money. The good news is that a proper income property investing strategy teaches you how to earn money renting out your vacation home during those times of the year when it’s not in use, which, frankly, is usually quite a bit of the time.
Are you wondering if there’s really a …

standard Secrets to Successful Crowdfunding

At Swank Life, there’s nothing we like better than capitalism infused with a liberal dose of entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why we think crowdfunding is one of the swankiest ideas spawned by the Internet Age. So…have you heard of crowdfunding yet? If not, here’s the thumbnail sketch. In the past, an entrepreneur with an idea but short on funds was caught in a serious catch-22 situation. It takes money and connections to start a business but, when you’re just starting out, who has money or connections?
To complicate the money-raising matter even further, securities regulations (until recently) set a high standard for individuals wishing to invest in a small, for-profit company – either $1 million in the bank or a $200,000 income for starters. This left out a broad swath …

standard True Swankiness is Owning an Island

You’ve worked hard to attain the means to allow yourself to conspicuously consume, but nothing says ‘capitalism at its swankiest’ like owning an island. If it’s good enough for Ted Turner, Richard Branson, and Larry Ellison, it’s good enough for you. How much do you need to buy an island? Perhaps the better question is how much do you have? The number should probably start with a b as in billions, especially if you want to go seriously over the top with impressive views and white sand splendor.
Here are a few of the more famous private island owners and how much they had to spend for the privilege.
Larry Ellison
The unquestioned king of island buying is Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison who spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 million …