September, 2012

standard Has Anyone Seen Swanky Bear's Pants?

We knew we were going to have to talk about it sooner or later. As you can tell by the picture to the left, everyone’s favorite vodka-and-tequila-drinking bear got so totally whacked recently he lost track of where his pants went. We’re pretty sure we can trace the root of the problem; if you look closely at the bottle clutched in his left paw, you’ll see a bottle of Skyy Vodka. While the stuff is plenty sheik these days (though not nearly as sheik as Swank Vodka, of course), it does have the unfortunate side effect of causing pants to disappear.

standard Makin' it Snow with Jake and Robbie

We're going to make it snow for 12 lucky Swank Life Calendar Girls at Robbie Fox's Public house in Tempe this Wednesday (9/19). The competition throws dollar bills – we throw diamonds. Well, not actual diamonds. In truth, we're not throwing anything that even remotely resembles a diamond, but it is going to a swanking good time. (Image: Flickr | jurvetson)
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~ Jake Swank

standard Bringing Swank to the World

When you're ready to rock it South Korean style, it's time to get Gangnam: people are rich, girls are pretty and everything is as cool as can be. How do you know if you're Gangnam Style is swank enough? You don't end up at McDonalds at 3 am on Saturday night.
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~ Jake

standard Casting Call for the Swank Life Calendar

We’ve been holding the secret so long we thought our spleen was going to burst, but it’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag.
The First Annual Swank Life Calendar Girl Casting Call is imminent (that means it’s going to happen pretty soon). What is the Swank Life Calendar? Only the newest, hottest, dare we say, swankiest calendar in Arizona. In fact, we’re pretty sure this thing is going to blow up so big that one state won’t be able to contain it. Today Arizona, tomorrow the world.
Here’s the deal. Swank Life is holding an open casting call to select 12 girls for our 2013 calendar. We’re looking for applicants ages 18-27, sizes 0-4, anywhere from 5’4” to 5’11”. Models (or even amateurs who think they …

standard The Swank Life Guide to Literary References

With the Swank Life Guide to Literary References, you too can be a literary snob without even having to read the source material! Seriously, who has time to wade through hundreds of pages of what is essentially dreck with a few golden nuggets hidden sporadically inside? By incorporating the following ten references into your everyday patter, your friends and enemies will think you’re the best read person they know.

How swank is that?

standard SL 33 – Social tips for swanky girls with Jenn Burton

On this episode of Swank Life, Jake Swank does a 180 on the topic of dating techniques for men and is joined by dating coach for women, Jenn Burton for a discussion of how women can improve their dating and relationship experiences. Listen at: Jenn shares her own experiences and talks about some of the common mistakes that women make when they meet men, such as appearing needy or putting up walls. She encourages women to change their view of men, to believe that most men want to love and adore a woman.  An important point that Jenn makes is that chemistry between men and women is not instant and she coaches women to get to know men for a little while before actually going out on …

standard Social Capital = Friends with Benefits

And you thought the phrase “friends with benefits” only meant one thing. Shame, shame, shame on you with those lowly minds in the gutter. It turns out that the idea of social capital is an entirely different sort of friends with benefits arrangements that doesn’t have to take place between the sheets. What Jake Swank is (usually) talking about when he refers to social capital is the idea that the social networks we belong to have real value thanks to the “norms of reciprocity,” which is just a fancy way to say people who know and like each other tend to want to help one another out when they can.