June, 2012

standard SL 31 – Getting Her Attention Through Texting with Bobby Rio

As Bobby Rio expresses, times have changed in the dating scene – the reality is that getting a girl’s phone number and making a simple phone call to initiate a date just doesn’t apply. Girls are always on their phone texting and your text messages need to stand out and get her attention. Jake Swank and returning guest, Bobby Rio, talk about the new process of texting your way to a date. Listen at: www.SwankLife.com. Bobby shares the three important steps to make your texts stand out: Getting her attention by sparking an emotion, making a connection with her with something that makes her feel special, and the push – going for the date. Bobby gives real life examples of texts that work. For instance, …

standard SL 30 – The Seduction Roadmap with Jon Sinn

Sinns of Attraction founder, Jon Sinn, joins Jake Swank to discuss social dynamics and Jon’s system, “The Seduction Roadmap.” Jon’s system takes a scientific approach to helping men get women. Jon says throw out the flowchart because every woman is different. “Every pick-up is a unique and dynamic experience,” Jon stresses. He also says a guy needs to understand what he wants, too, and what type of approach he’s most comfortable with when connecting with a woman, i.e. direct or indirect. What do you do in an awkward moment? What mistakes do men make when approaching women? To hear some of Jon Sinn’s tips, listen at: www.SwankLife.com. Learn the difference between night games and day games, when it’s appropriate to tease and when to avoid it, even the …

standard How to Invest – the Short Version

Our apologies if you were raised to believe that great wealth could be built over decades of a slow, steady invest in Wall Street stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. From experience, and we’ve had a lot of it, the facts simply don’t bear out this assertion any more. This is not to say no one ever makes money through stock investments, only that, thanks to big-time operators and wild speculation driven by global events, this surely isn’t your grandfather’s stock market anymore.

standard Read About the World's Most Expensive Television – If You Dare

Swank Life offers our sincere apologies to any blog reader who already owns one of the televisions on this list. We, of course, intend no disrespect by implying that you haven’t outfitted every room in the house with one of these $140,000 babies long ago, only that even the swankest of individuals sometimes chooses to spend his or her money more efficiently.

standard SL 29 – Love Types with Dr. Alexander Avila

On this episode of Swank Life, Jake Swank interviews author and creator of Love Types: Discover Your Romantic Style and Find Your Soul Mate, Dr. Alexander Avila.  Finding the “right” person can be difficult at best. For details of the show, please visit:  www.swanklife.com . Dating is often like a masquerade ball, where each partner conceals his or her true self behind a mask of best behavior for a while. Eventually the masks slip. In 1921, Carl Jung laid out what he felt were personality differences that determined behavior, perception, and experiences, and he named them Introversion/Extroversion, Intuition/Sensation, and Thinking/Feeling. From this theory, the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator was born and is today the most widely used test for normal personality. Based on these famous works, Dr. Alexander  Avila …

standard 5 Swanky (and Slightly Strange) Investment Opportunities

Jake Swank has always preached the gospel of avoiding the stock market. Why? Here are three reasons we came up with off the top of our head: it’s rigged by insiders, the returns aren’t that great, and it’s boring as heck. When you’re swanky, you can’t afford to be boring, which is why we’re offering a heads up on five swanky (and a little weird) places to invest your real estate dollars.

standard Great Nightclubs Around the World

Americans sometimes blame the continent across the pond as being a little too Euro-centric, but forget that we tend to be a little Yankee-centric at times. As a fully developed swankster, you can’t afford to discriminate on the basis of geography. You’ve got to go where the happening nightclubs are around the world, no matter WHERE they might be located.

The following list is highly subjective but serves as a good starting point when it comes to completing your groove-thang bucket list. If you haven’t been to any of these clubs, find the nearest immediately and proceed to party down.

standard Maslow Forgot About Swankiness

Back in 1943, Abraham Maslow wrote a paper titled “A Theory of Human Motivation.” The ideas contained within were largely parallel to other theories of human developmental psychology and came to be expressed visually in a multi-colored triangle called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s generally acknowledged by scientists and laymen alike that the guy was onto something.