May, 2012

standard Swankettes Set to Challenge Tempe12 Dominance

The Tempe12 girls might not be quaking in their bare naked feet just yet, but there is a calendar challenger lurking on the horizon. We’ll call them the Swankette Sisters, not because it’s a swanky name derived directly from founder Jake Swank’s own moniker but . . . well, actually that’s exactly why we call them that. Each and every girl featured on the inaugural 2013 Swankette Calendar cleaves tighter than a layer of suntan oil to the idea that a life lived without swankiness is scarcely a life at all.

standard Swanky Guys are Podcasters

You’ve heard of podcasting, right? If not, take a look at the Swank Life home page and you’ll find 28 episodes of the Swank Life Show ready for immediate consumption. For the obscenely out of touch dude – which we doubt anyone reading THIS website is – a podcast is simply an audio file you download to your MP3 player and listen any time you want. There are thousands of podcasts out there on about any topic you can think of. For a comparison, think of it as talk radio listened to on your schedule.

standard Private Money Lending Can Make You Swanky Indeed

Every now and then we deviate from the obvious swank factors in life to bring you a little something not everyone else and their brother has already thought about. Here’s a little test. Does the phrase “private money lending” set your heart a-racing and fill every fiber of your body with excitement? No? How about if we told you that some investors were using it to generate returns of over 12% making short-term loans to property rehabbers and house-flippers? Even that additional information might not be enough to make you turn a cartwheel but it’s at least worth your attention for a few moments.